Paul Donovan’s Web Log

Welcome to Paul Donovan’s blog, a blog started by a struggling writer, seeking the elusive mistress, fame. As you can appreciate, for a struggling unpublished writer, whose brilliance has time and time been neglected by the wider world in favour of stories about exploding aeroplanes or vegetarian vampires, a writer will seek any means at their disposal to allow their inspirational works reach a wider audience. Hence, I have started writing in this blog in the hope that I will gain a wider readership and the fictional stories which have bemused, offended, entertained and cajoled a worldwide audience of about 13, will be read and loved by generations of Australians. Please feel free to read anything on this site. I will endeavour to create works of excellence for your entertainment and education and hope that you and I (the author and reader) make some sort of (intellectual) connection.

God bless and enjoy!



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