On the Infalibility of The Bible

Bible scholar Gleason Archer writes:
“As I have dealt with one apparent discrepancy after another and have studied the alleged contradictions between the biblical record and the evidence of linguistics, archaeology, or science, my confidence in the trustworthiness of Scripture has been repeatedly verified and strengthened by the discovery that almost every problem in Scripture that has ever been discovered by man, from ancient times until now, has been dealt with in a completely satisfactory manner by the biblical text itself—or else by objective archaeological information…
“There is a good and sufficient answer in Scripture itself to refute every charge that has ever been leveled against it. But this is only to be expected from the kind of book the Bible asserts itself to be, the inscripturation of the infallible, inerrant Word of the Living God” (Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, 1982, p. 12).


One thought on “On the Infalibility of The Bible

  1. This is very inspirational Paul!!! Every Christian that reads the Bible must read and reflect the word with the aid of the ‘Spirit Man’. When the Carnal overtakes the Spirit-man then one is left with a mountain of fallible. Christians do not claim that the humans who penned the books of the Bible were always accurate in everything they said or did. We simply believe that the Bible is right when it claims that God guided these men in their task of writing Scripture, in such a way that the result is an infallible book. After all even fallible humans can get things right some of the time, especially if they are supervised by someone who is infallible. Faith comes from hearing the Spirit Word. But we humans most of the time depend on the carnal nature and sadly enough have put wheels to God’s visions and plans upon the whims of our intellect and reasoning. I pray that as Christians we all transcend into the being a ‘Spiritual Christian’ rather than a mere ‘Natural Soulish Christian. Thanks for the reflection!

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