League of Legends

If there was ever a barrier to productivity it was video games. My goodness, I have been playing League of Legends (an online multiplayer game) for the past three months. In the game, the concept of which is deceptively simple, you are a summoner and you are responsible to control a champion who takes part in a team battle with four other players against another team of five. Your goal is essentially to destroy turrets and the opponent’s base, which as I’ve said, makes its seem the simplest game scenario imaginable.

What makes it so riveting is the wide variety of champions one can choose from and the plethora of scenarios that emerge during the gameplay. So anyway, instead of reading the great works of literature or for that matter creating them, I have contemplated how to improve my kill rate on League of Legends, rushing home to log into a game as quickly as I can. What also becomes apparent is just how seriously people from all over the world take the game and, subsequently, how my own performance in the game is amateurish at best. In order to consistently do well one needs to understand how runes assist champions, how certain champions match against others, and what strategies to employ in the various scenarios of the game.

In short, it takes more effort than I’m willing to put in. I still love the game through and whether I improve or not I can see my leisure time being taken up for many hours to come.


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