The rose garden

This will be my first blog post written from the iPad. I’m both excited and hesitant about the new technology. For one thing typing will be so much slower until I get used to the small keyboard layout. Portability is a great advantage and the ability to store the world’s great literature in one small box amazing. But will it be used more for fun or for productive endeavors?

The other issue you have with an iPad is that they cant replace the functions of the PC so I for one will probably need to carry both for a while until I can work out the best way to maximize the utility of the new device. I have to say I’m less impressed by the iPad than the iPhone but time may change my mind.

I’m watching Babylon AD, a moderately entertaining Sci Fi film. Tomorrow is back to work. There is much labour under the sun. I am working on Vincent, a follow up to my first self published novel. It’s a laborious process with few rewards but a far superior work to most Australian novels ever written. A writer’s work is never done. It’s like pulling weeds which I did this afternoon. A constant struggle with the occasional rewards. Then you create a rose garden.


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