Village of the mermaids

Lifeless eyes, reflective of

Our enforced chastity;

Mankind has left us well alone,

Beyond the barren sea.

The sea we lived in happily,

Where we swam with tails of gold,

Is miles away and unreal as

Those ancient worlds of old.

In misery we daily wait

For death to take away,

The memory of  pleasures dear

Of love, of joy betrayed.

The mountains in the distance

Remind us of our fear,

Enforce our solitary world

And dull our sullen tears.

For when we were both young and free

We did not come to town

But now that we are banished here

This village weighs us down.

So if you see a mermaid in

The waters near your home,

Remember us, our lifeless stares,

Our bodies just like stone.

Beneath our stern exterior lies

A heart of purest gold,

Our flesh that was so light to touch,

Is withered, now and cold.


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